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2018 & an even more gorgeous you


SKIN soirée

SOCIAL hour calling!

Spa treatments at your leisure, at home pampering. In need of a serious girl sesh? Plan an event full of plush treatments. The SQUAD out to play, onesies on, it's a rosé all day kind of soirée

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Glo on the Go

This express version of the

 You Glo Girl facial to get your glow in a hurry,  kill your day to day flurry, but won't kill your vibe

30 min                      $40  

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Straight to the #OnPoint

No funny business here, just straight to the good stuff. This express version of the Lighten Up will not only brighten the mood, it'll leave you hashtag ready

30 min                     $50     

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                 Mama, ​                    Lemme Upgrade You

 Girls what y'all tryin' to do? Glammin' with all this gold got you jammin'. Vibrant infusion of illuminating gold mask properties,  makin' you put yo pinky rings up to the moon with this 24K Magic mini treat 

30 min                       $65   

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Wanna Dance?

As soon as Lexie placed her hands on my face, I immediately melted. The brush sweeps across my face during the masque was so relaxing. Then came the massage... I've now decided to change her name to "dances with facials"!

Kristine, ZenSpa